Remembering S. Truett Cathy

S. Truett Cathy

LDA Board member and Chick-fil-A founder and billionaire S. Truett Cathy (1921-2014) died on Monday, September 8. Cathy began a restaurant chain that famously closes every Sunday. None of its hundreds of restaurants are open on that day, to allow employees a day of rest. Its executives often said the chain made as much money in six days as its competitors do in seven. Cathy’s interests included the welfare of young people. In 1984 he created the WinShape Foundation to help “shape winners” through youth support programs and scholarships. He created a long-term program for foster children that has foster care homes in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Brazil. He was a practitioner of restorative justice before the popularity of the term as seen in 2008 when he worked out a deal with the parents of two girls who were accused of causing damage to a home he owned in Florida. He told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that he didn’t want them prosecuted and left with a criminal record. Cathy also spent 50 years teaching Sunday school to 13-year-old boys.