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Debora Jackson

Listen to Dr. Debora Jackson's remarks from the Lord’s Day Alliance sponsored conference on Sabbath, Sunday, and Renewal at Old South Church in Copley Square, Boston, October 27, 2016. Continue reading »

God has sanctified and set apart Sabbath as a precious gift. We both remember and observe Sabbath, without judging how someone else does this. Continue reading »

As I reflect on those words, it strikes me that our Sunday practices–across the denominational spectrum–are an important part of the way that all of us “take care to live a life in greater conformity to the Gospel.” Continue reading »

Marv Knox

Article by Merv Knox - "Jesus was right; Sabbath was made for people. And we really, really need to keep the Sabbath." Continue reading »

Marv Knox

Well, that changed my Sunday afternoon agenda. Continue reading »

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